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Fangard is the largest forest in Iobaria and dominates much of the nation's eastern reaches. Numerous factions call Fangard home, many of which remain unknown to outsiders. Protected by lycanthrope rangers and hunters, travellers are only permitted to cross Fangard on the ancient Koloran roads, though a few lucky souls who tried entering by other means were allowed exit in the direction they came.1

Because of this secrecy, numerous rumours guess at what really lies within Fangard's depths. These include tales about a hidden elven court, the realm of Erastil and other nature gods, and a still-surviving remnant of the Koloran Empire. The cairn of Hask-Ultharan rises above the forest's heart and is frequented by the giants who inhabit the forest.1 These giants have attacked humanoid settlements near Fangard, including Mavradia.2


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