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The Nyvyrd, or Warmth Water, is a massive freshwater lake that hugs the Icewall glaciers on Iobaria's northern edges and whose warm waters steam in the arctic air. The depths of the Nyvyrd teem with an incredible variety of fish and sea life, including predators of such monstrous proportions that sailors refuse to venture beyond the lake's shores. These shores are home to massive beds of shellfish, which are both a local food staple and source of an astounding variety of pearls, including ice pearls and striped pearls, and shells that are as hard as tempered steel.1 A strange, opalescent dome known as Oroskirr rises from the lake, and locals presume it has something to do with the Nyvyrd's unusual warmth.2

Numerous settlement have been built on the banks of Nyvyrd including Antoll, the former capital of Iobaria, the fort town of Veka, home of the region's current ruler, the despotic Koffar Rjul,3 and hundreds of smaller settlements, cabins, and Taldan-style villas. Many of these towns are abandoned or inhabited by brigands, either because of plagues or forced evictions by nobles desiring control over access the Nyvard's warm waters.