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Source: Legacy of the Lost God, pg(s). 70

Sorroclaan is a catfolk settlement located around an Iobarian ruin in the Fangard forest.1


Many centuries ago, Eye Thief and Morukel led their followers out of Murraseth to protest the ban on exploring dangerous Mwangi ruins enacted by the Council of Elect. After leaving Murraseth, they discovered countless nameless ruins in the Fangard which they could freely explore, and built Sorroclaan in and around them.1


Sorroclaan's catfolk tend to be tall and broad, and possess pale or striped fur and skin. They have a virtual monopoly on exploring the ruins in the Fangard, where humans fear to tread. Many hold superstitions about 'half-catfolk', due to the relative frequency of werecreatures in the Fangard: some view werecreatures and beastkin as evil creatures that test their resolve, others revere and fear them as emissaries of nature.1


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