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Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 57

Antoll is the former capital of Iobaria, serving that role between 3304 AR and the fall of New Iobaria in 4659 AR.1


Founded in 788 AR, Antoll is one of the few settlements in Iobaria not built upon the ruins of a cyclopean town, instead constructed specifically for humans, with pipes installed during New Iobaria's height, pumping the warm waters of Nyvyrd beneath the city, and keeping the city's homes and businesses comfortable year-round. Antoll's modern attractions include its pearl and fishing trades, as well as its great libraries of magical, religious, herbal, and medicinal lore which pre-date the Pathfinder Society.1


There is an underlying current of tension in the city, as its citizens oppose the region's de facto tyrant, Koffar Rjul of Veka, but Rjul's armies and spies have kept the public sufficiently intimidated.1


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