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Titles Kridor's Cliff
Nation Iobaria
Ruler Koffar Buran Evyas

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 60

Kridorn is the second-largest city in Iobaria, passed only by its regional rival of Mirnbay. Located on sloping cliffs that rise above the Castrovin Sea, Kridorn's towers and lighthouse make it an easily visible landmark for sailors.

Founded in 905 AR, Kridorn was originally a small fishing town, but its growth was stymied by pirate fleets. King Iobar I attempted to drive off the pirates, but ended up perishing at the Battle of Kridorn in 937 AR. Hrugil, Iobar's son, repelled the invading corsairs, and spent the remainder of his reign improving Iobaria's fleets, resulting in Kridorn's growth into a booming port city by 975 AR.[1] Kridorn was able to survive New Iobaria's collapse in 4659 AR, and became the destination of many Galtan nobles fleeing their nation's collapse into revolution.[2]

Kridorn is considered one of Iobaria's safest cities, despite unreliable services and rampant corruption caused by its leader's thirst for conquest.[3]

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