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The triple goddess monument at Artrosa.

Artrosa, also called "The Three Who Watch," is a set of three half-mile-tall statues built by Baba Yaga 2,000 years ago during the Age of Enthronement to watch over the eastern reaches of Iobaria, which were once ruled by Kostchtchie. Carved into the tallest mesa of the central Deeprun Crevasse, the three statues can be seen from many parts of Iobaria regardless of the distance.1

The statues are crudely carved, and despite their massive scale, the race they depict is unclear. Each statue represents one of the three stages of womanhood—a long-haired maiden, a pregnant mother, and hunchbacked crone—and each is naked and holding up a hand in a warding gesture.1

Each figure hides within it a magical fortress created by Baba Yaga, and each fortress is linked to the others by a series of magical portals. Baba Yaga only inhabited Artrosa for a short period to ensure Kostchtchie did not return, and once she was satisfied, she appointed a warden to watch over the fortresses in her absence.2

Despite the harsh terrain and remoteness of the statues, dozens of adventurers brave the wilds of the Deeprun Crevasse every year, eager to unlock Artrosa's secrets. None is known to have succeeded, and countless remains dot the rocky crevices of Artrosa's plateau.3


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