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The Rest of Okor
Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 62

Okormirr is a now largely abandoned settlement in the northwestern corner of Iobaria. The first human settlement in Iobaria, it was founded in 752 AR when 20 survivors of an Ulfen expedition set up a longhouse to survive the winter. A settlement soon grew up around the the longhouse, becoming Okormirr: the first of nine Ulfen settlements of Njalgard.1 Resettled many times over the centuries, Okormirr retains much of its original Ulfen character, with log lodges, dragon poles, and wooden palisades.

Okormirr sits on the northeastern shore of the Lake of Mists and Veils, south of the Ardshrod River. Now inhabited mostly by druids and their families, the city resents Prince Tzakiv Korya of Orlov's many promises to restore his city and kingdom to greatness. Okormirr is ruled by the Druid-King Aalgin, who requires all who live in Okormirr to swear allegiance to his druid circle and their god, Perbov.2

Regardless of these requirements, the results of Aalgin's rule has led to many positive changes in the area. These include the once-disgusting mire surrounding the town now being drinkable, and the town being protected from the elements by spruce canopies now interwoven to form a magical barrier.3