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Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 61

First founded in 1528 AR, Mirnbay is a vibrant and prosperous port city. Protected by palisades and located on a peaceful lagoon of the Castrovin Sea near the mouth of the Myrfrus River,1 Mirnbay is the largest and most peaceful city in the land of Iobaria.

Along with several other nearby humanoid settlements, Mirnbay was sacked in 1900 AR by the united centaur tribes of the Caemorin, under the banner of Errindayn the Seer2. Mirnbay was later refounded in 2108 AR with its defences significantly strengthened, and centaurs were banned from the city for the next 400 years. With New Iobaria's collapse in 4659 AR, Mirnbay became one of last remaining power centres in the region.

Mirnbay's 22 noble houses rule the port city through a labyrinthine political system based on careful alliances and strategies. This system has faced disruption from the recent influx of Galtan nobility fleeing that nation's revolution. Currently, Galtans control more than a third of the city's trade guilds, as well as five of the 22 noble houses. The city is led by an alliance of House Rhukov, a breakaway faction of the Iobarian royal House Arjal that controls the wizards of the city's arcane college, and House Xsagi, which controls Mirnbay's military.3


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