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Fralros, also known as the "Charred Watchtower" is a ruined watchtower in southeastern Iobaria was built by the Koloran Empire of the cyclopes, and used by both old and new Iobaria. Standing 100-feet tall, the tower was built to a massive cyclopean scale, though soldiers of King Irral I garrisoned the tower in 3304 AR and reshaped some of the tower's stairs and chambers to fit their smaller scale.1.

Though the tower was once known as Orostros, the Watching Star, it has been called Fralros since the Great Horde, lead by the cyclops Burlor, slew the inhabitants of the tower using the smoke from great fires during a siege in 3679 AR.2 The tower's walls remain charred, and the spirits of its former defenders continue to occupy the ruins.1


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