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Nation Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Region Broken Bay
Size Small city
Population 6,730
Demographics Humans (Ulfen)
Government Monarchy (Linnorm King)
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Ingimundr the Unruly

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 7

Bildt is one of the largest cities in the relatively sparsely populated Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and is located on the island of Aegos in the Steaming Sea. It is also the capital of the Linnorm Kingdom of Broken Bay.[1]


Bildt was founded in 1677 AR,[2] and is now second only to Kalsgard in the quality of its shipyards. The ruler of Bildt and of Broken Bay, Ingimundr the Unruly, is a fierce warrior who advocates returning his people to the ancient Ulfen practice of reaving the southern lands. He is not supported in this by the other leaders of the region, and the Norns and the Fates advise against it, but many Ulfen warriors are eager for the spoils of the south or the reconquest of the land lost long ago to Baba Yaga.[3][4][5][1] Many independent ships' captains and second sons still conduct raids out of Bildt, to which Ingimundr turns a blind eye after he takes a share of their spoils. Compared with Kalsgard, the people of Bildt are decidedly less friendly to non-Ulfen visitors.[5]

The town of Bildt is crowded along the shore. The largest houses overlook the harbor, while the cheaper houses lie behind them on muddy roads. The young Ulfen, usually live in large communal halls called hearths; the typical hearth houses 20 people. The harbor features flat, gravelly strands on which longboats are beached when not in use. The only deep part of the harbor is reserved for foreign ships.[6]

Places of interest

The following are some of the more noteworthy locations and areas within the city of Bildt:[7]