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Broken Bay

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Broken Bay

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 6

Broken Bay is the westernmost of the seven current Linnorm Kingdoms. It comprises the main islands of Aegos and Orthost as well as many other smaller ones.1


Broken Bay consists of the two main isles of Aegos and Orthost as well and dozens of other, smaller rocky islands and the sea that surrounds them. It is the westernmost of the Linnorm Kingdoms lying beyond even the barely-settled Icemark and, as expected for such a remote place, it is utterly wild; only the island of Aegos has any trace of being 'settled'. The Broken Bay itself is scarcely any more forgiving than the forlorn islands that dot it. The bay gained its name from the remains of countless smashed ships that litter its sea floor and decorate its shoreline. Full of treacherous currents and tearing rocks, the seas brim with fish that provide a living for many of Broken Bay's inhabitants.1 The largest settlement in Broken Bay is Bildt crowding round the only natural harbour on Aegos; it is a densely packed city with a reputation for violence even amongst the rough-and-ready Linnorm Kingdoms.2



The Ulfen that inhabit Broken Bay consider themselves the true inheritors of the Ulfen sea raider tradition. They view the inhabitants of the other Linnorm Kingdoms as soft cowards, with those who dwell in the landlocked areas, they claim, are borderline traitors to their own ancestors. Whilst they still reave down the coastline of Avistan attacking the port towns of Varisia, Nidal and Cheliax, as has been done for centuries, the people of Broken Bay have also taken to raiding the other Linnorm Kingdoms. The Ulfen predominantly cling to the southern and eastern shores of Aegos,1 they sometimes venture across to Orthost but no one dares remain there after the sun sets.2


Beyond the shoreline much of Aegos is still wild with fearsome dire wolves and polar bears roaming the countryside. More dangerous still are the packs of intelligent worgs and winter wolves which sometimes attack even the larger towns on the island.1 The largest tribe of these intelligent wolves has claimed the abandoned shell of Highpoint Tower as their den and they are known to be very hostile towards visitors.2


Broken Bay is ruled by the brash yet cunning Ingimundr the Unruly a fierce barbarian with a surprising talent for political manipulation. Under his leadership the old ways of coastal raiding have blossomed across Broken Bay, yet he has shrewdly walked a thin line of encouraging without ever condoning. The new era of raiding has fattened Ingimundr's coffers and grown Bildt's prestige, yet he has had to distance himself from the murderous raids that some of his kinsmen have launched against the other Linnorm Kingdoms. Ingimundr secretly dreams that this heightened violence may encourage all of his countrymen to return to their old ways of bloodthirsty reaving and as the traditional home of raiding, consequently increase the standing of Broken Bay.1



The following are the main settlements in Broken Bay:23

Places of Interest

The following are the main locations in Broken Bay:234


Rulers of Broken Bay

Reign Title Name Remarks
1677 AR – ? King Einarik Stormbreaker Founder of Broken Bay and Bildt
Unknown Period
Before 2277 AR King Kernic Quicktongue Last king to be buried in Thanesrest Mausoleum
Unknown Period
? – Present Day Linnorm King Ingimundr the Unruly Current ruler


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