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Codwin I of Augustana

Supreme Elect of the Free Peoples of Andoran (47044716 AR)
Mayor of Almas (47044716 AR)
Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 3

Codwin I of Augustana is a paladin of Iomedae and, more prestigiously, the former Supreme Elect of the nation of Andoran, along with being the mayor of the capital of Almas.1 His position put him in charge of the Executive Office which handles many of the day to day tasks of government in Andoran.2 Codwin was first voted Supreme Elect of Andoran in 4704 AR, then re-elected to the most powerful position in Andoren politics in 4708 AR3 and 4712 AR, before stepping down in 4716 AR, to be succeeded by Andira Marusek.45 Codwin proved to be a wise, fair and very capable leader showing no favouritism towards his home city of Augustana, instead governing the whole country with an even hand.3


Codwin was born the son of a poor fisherman along Andoran's Inner Sea coast. He hired on as a deck hand in Augustana as a young man when a riot broke out: one of the first acts of rebellion against the hated nation of Cheliax in what would become the People's Revolt of 4669 AR. Along with 17 other workers, Codwin helped end the riot before it could turn bloody, fearing that it would lead to a disproportionate crackdown by the new infernally-inspired Chelish government. Codwin himself gave a passionate speech that helped unite the various factions and allowed them to commandeer the shipyards without any loss of life.64

Codwin has been elected Supreme Elect thrice: once in 4704 AR (taking power the following year), for a second time in 4708 AR, and again in 4712 AR. His second election was a landslide, while the third had a much smaller margin of victory. Due to his many years in office, some people are beginning to grumble that his rule is beginning to take on the appearance and stink of monarchy, and are beginning to float the idea of term limits. The councilors who support this idea base their arguments on a passage in Imperial Betrayal by Hosetter, one of the founding philosophers of Andoran's democratic revolution. Codwin has yet to take a strong position on either side of the argument.64

Upon assuming office for the first time in 4704 AR, Codwin passed a motion in the People's Council that made it legal for Andoren warships to attack and sink any Katapeshi slave ships in the Inner Sea. The following year, the Gray Corsairs sunk three of these ships, thereby beginning what some call the War Against Slavery.7

Political duties

Having both the jobs of Supreme Elect and mayor of Almas, Codwin generally splits his day between the Palace of the People's Council and the Citadel of the Supreme Elect, both of which are luckily located in Almas' Liberty District.869 During the summer season when the People's Council is in session, Codwin, along with representatives of Andoran's political parties, begin the day by performing ritual salutations before the Golden Cathedral in Almas. This is most likely to show their allegiance to the concepts of the Common Rule, one of Andoran's most cherished democratic ideals.10


Some say that Codwin is looking for the lost ring and finger of the dead Chelish king Gaspodar, known as Gaspodar's Signet. Codwin considers it a holy relic of the god Aroden, and would offer a significant reward to anyone who recovered it for him.11 Codwin is also believed to have sent representatives to the rebels of the Chelish island of Thuryan, offering them political and military advice (but not soldiers) should they ever chose to revolt against Queen Abrogail II.12


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