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Large town
Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 21

Sauerton is a settlement in northeastern Andoran in the Carpenden Plains region, located between the banks of the Andoshen River and the Verduran Forest.1


The ground on the northern Carpenden Plains where Sauerton is located is dry and rocky, and grapes are the only thing that grow well here. The town is surrounded by nearly 10,000 acres of vineyards, largely owned by the city's mayor, Consul Tercio Andares.2


The city's most famous export is Sauerton Red, a cheap, foul-tasting wine with a high alcohol content known throughout the lands of the Inner Sea. Large barrels of it are filled and floated down the Andoshen to Almas, and the wine has become such a byword for poor quality, that the expression "must be down from Sauerton" is applied to everything from poor artistic performances to badly-made wagon wheels.13 These jokes tend not to bother local Sauerton residents, who see Sauerton Red as the drink of the common people of Andoran, untouched by the elitist pretensions of the aristocracy. Most of Sauerton's residents work in the vineyards, which due to their size, attract a large number of seasonal agricultural workers from outside the city.2


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