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Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 10

The logging town of Falconridge was founded in Darkmoon Vale in 4389 AR. The town was abandoned by its last inhabitants in 4467 AR.1

Founded on a low rise overlooking bubbling mudpots on one side and a vast glade of darkwood on the other, Falconridge was the first logging community north of Olfden. The loggers of Falconridge depleted the darkwood in less than 50 years. For 10 more years the town lived along on the much lower profits brought in by its hardwoods and softwoods, but the founding of Northsap stole away Falconridge's best loggers.2

Today, not much of Falconridge still exists. Only a small graveyard of tombstones, a low stone wall ringing the base of the low rise, and the foundation stones of several large buildings remain from the once thriving town. Occasional reports come to the Diamond Regiment of ghostly apparitions near Falconridge's ruins, but to date the Eagle Knights have not investigated the ruins as they are so far removed from civilization.2


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