Carpenden Plains (region)

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Carpenden Plains

Fields of Freedom
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 14-17

The Carpenden Plains region is one of the five roughly defined areas within the nation of Andoran. The others are the capital Almas region, Arthfell, Darkmoon Vale, and the Verduran Forest. The Carpenden Plains region encompasses roughly all the land between the eastern banks of the Andoshen River and the Verduran Forest; the rolling lands southwest and south of the Verduran Forest are known as the Carpenden Plains, from which the region gets its name.1


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Even though the region contains a few larger towns and cities, including Carpenden, Sauerton, Souston, Steyr, and Triela, as well as countless small farming communities, the Carpenden Plains are largely rural in character, and its citizens are not used to the hustle and bustle of big city life.1


The Carpenden Plains' largely rural inhabitants are somewhat insular and provincial in nature (at least compared to those who live in Andoran's major cities), and look down on those who do not grow their own food, or become entangled in such frivolous activities like politics. Even though these farmers travel to the larger towns and cities to sell their wares, they rarely stay for long.2


The Carpenden Plains region is, in many ways, the breadbasket of the nation of Andoran. It mainly produces cheese, fruit, grain, olives, grapes and wine, and many other vegetables in great abundance, both for domestic consumption and for export.1


Due to its many farming communities and heavily traveled rivers (especially the Andoshen), the Carpenden Plains are a relatively safe region. This perceived safety leads many young people to leave their homes and try their luck as adventurers or other exciting pursuits in the bigger cities along the Inner Sea coast. The few dangers that do exist include ankhravs, bears, brigands, gremlins, river drakes, and wolves.2