Selian's Watch

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Selian's Watch is a craggy, desolate island off the southern coast of Andoran, near Aspo Bay.

The island contains a lighthouse and an abandoned Chelish naval base off the southern coast of Andoran. A jetty protects a cove off the island's southeastern side, in which a dozen Chelaxian warships of Commander Camdin Anduvas rest, destroyed by Andoran's Gray Corsairs soon after Andoran gained independence.

The island is dominated by lacedons after an ill-fated escape effort by some of the Chelaxian sailors, including Anduvas's advisor Ilraccia, resulted in the survivors contracting ghoul fever from a lacedon attack. Ilraccia was turned into a lacedon but retained her powers as a sorcerer, and she uses them—and the reactivated lighthouse—to lure others to the island to be converted into lacedons themselves.1


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