Arthfell (region)

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Resource-rich Land of Opportunities
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 10-13

Arthfell is one of the five general regions in the nation of Andoran, and stretches largely along the coast of the Inner Sea from the western border with Cheliax to the Andoshen River in the east. It is thought to be bordered in the north by the Nogortha Peaks. The region gets its name from the Arthfell Forest, which once covered the lowlands of most of western Andoran. Today, the woodland is but a small fraction of its former size due to millennia of heavy logging to feed the massive shipbuilding industry in the city of Augustana.1


Having access to both the rich, tilled soil of the interior and the ocean, the Arthfell region is rich in natural resources, including grain (especially barley, hemp, hops, and millet), lumber, seafood, and wool. Craft goods are also produced in plenty here, most notably ale, heavy rope, sailcloth, dyed textiles, and of course ships from the renowned shipyards of Augustana.1


The people of Arthfell are generally hard-working and hardy, but many are not overly loyal to the government in Almas. This is especially true in the western reaches of the region close to the border with Cheliax, where former nobles whose land was expropriated during the People's Revolt can find plentiful allies.1


The imperial loyalist faction known as the Seven Houses makes its headquarters in Arthfell. Its former nobles work diligently to undermine the fledgling democracy and restore the nation's former social order.1


The greatest dangers in the region include the druids and arboreals who protect the Arthfell Forest, the undead who dwell amidst the burial mounds known as the Nogortha Necropolis, and werewolves that stalk the wilderness.1