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Small town
Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 20

Souston is a small Andoren fishing village on the Inner Sea, approximately 240 miles due east of the capital of Almas. The town consists of small, brightly colored shacks that cling to the gently sloping coast.12


According to local lore, the town was founded by a Chelish captain named Erin Souston when her ship crashed against the nearby rocks during a heavy fog. The anchor that still marks the entrance to Souston harbor is said to have come from the wreckage of her ship.3

The settlement has little to distinguish itself, but is nevertheless the target of pirate or slave raids from time to time. During these attacks, villagers barricade themselves inside their cellars or in nearby caves and wait for the threat to pass.2 Souston has been burnt to the ground three times by these attacks, and each time the residents have rebuilt their town. The raids may be encouraged by a lingering rumor that Captain Souston hid some valuable treasure in the town, but no one has ever found any trace of it.3


Most of Souston's fewer than 1,000 inhabitants make their living from the sea, or practice subsistence agriculture.3


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