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Small town
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 12-13

Cyremium is a small, isolated fishing town on the Inner Sea coast, just east of the southern tip of the Cape of Hope on the Missa Shelf. Now located within the Arthfell region of Andoran, the town once was the site of a Taldan fortress that was abandoned soon after the end of the Even-Tongued Conquest of 4081 AR. Local settlers began dismantling the four watchtowers to build their homes as soon as the soldiers left, although the outer, sun-bleached walls still remain.123


A stone archway still leads to the town square, and four flagstone streets radiate off it through the rest of the town. Most of the town's small houses are made of wood covered in clay, splashed with fading whitewash.1 During pirate attacks, the people of Cyremium retreat into their extensive cellars, nearby caves, or other secure locations to wait out the attack.3


Like many other of the small fishing towns along Andoran's Inner Sea coast, Cyremium has little excitement to offer its young people. To fight off their boredom, many of them leave to join the ranks of the Andoren Navy or to sail aboard a merchant vessel and explore the world.3

Recent history

The inhabitants of Cyremium have been disturbed for the last several months by a strange phenomenon that occurs after every new moon: they wake the next morning to find the shoreline covered in dead silverscales, a species of small, greasy bait fish that migrate along the coast in large schools.1


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