Star Bay

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The mighty Sellen River, greatest in all of Avistan, empties into Star Bay on the border between Andoran and Taldor. Although only a small part of the Inner Sea, Star Bay is one of the most important and heavily traveled waterways in the Inner Sea region because of all the trade on the Sellen River.1 Star Bay remains heavily disputed territory, as its location on the border between Andoran and Taldor leads to arguments over fishing rights and the taxation of ships.2

Star Bay is home to one or more nuckelavees and this fact is known to the settlements that border the bay. Strict environmental laws are enforced in these towns to keep the waters clean and these fey harbingers of death appeased.3

Origin of name

The bay is named after a legend told by the region's original indigenous inhabitants, before the coming of the Taldan Empire. It claimed that the Sellen's endless waters came from a star that slept beneath a mountain far to the north.12


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