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Diggen's Rest

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Diggen's Rest is a watchtower in the Verduran Forest of eastern Andoran, north of the town of Fusil12 and on the border between Andoran and Galt. It served as the final location of the records from Pathfinder lodges once founded by Kerinha Napsunar, one of the first Pathfinders.3


As of 4719 AR, Diggen's Rest was a five-floor stone tower surrounded by wooden barricades and ruined stone walls indicating the site was once a larger fortification. A trail with warded waystones leads to the tower through the Verduran Forest.4


The tower was built when the region was newly under Chelaxian rule after the Even-Tongued Rebellion, with the intent of guarding the new border with Taldor.3 Cheliax assigned Diggen Thrune to the posting, who quelled rebellions from the tower and was rewarded with knighthood and a parcel of land on the opposite end of the country. Overstretched by the grant, Thrune made a deal with a devil who would oversee the keep on his behalf. The infernal contract in turn bound Thrune's soul to the site until Cheliax's control of the region was restored and peace re-established.3

Little activity occurred near the tower, and within 200 years Cheliax had decommissioned the site, which became named for Thrune. The tower predates the founding of the nearby town of Sauerton, located 100 miles to the west.3

In the early years of the Pathfinder Society the Society decommissioned a lodge operated by founding Pathfinder Kerinha Napsunar in the River Kingdoms, and Napsunar moved the lodge to what is now the outskirts of Sauerton and was then still part of Cheliax.3 Napsunar was active at some point around 4091 AR.5

On 10 Arodus 4615 AR,6 its final caretaker used funds from the sale of the lodge to purchase the deed to Diggen's Rest7 and the 40 acres surrounding it from Chelaxian magistrate Arinnia Arvanxi on behalf of the Society,6 then moved the lodge's records to the tower.5

By 4719 AR the tower had become home to a clan of kobolds who worship a diabolic master.8