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Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 46

Occarin is a village in the Carpenden Plains region of Andoran whose inhabitants are unknowingly and secretly almost all changeling children of three green hags.1


Occarin is located southwest of the Verduran Forest, along a trade road about half of the distance between Almas and Carpenden.1


Occarin has long had a reputation for being a comfortable and welcoming waystation for traders and laborers traveling toward Almas. While some of these travelers suspect something is strange about how many of the village's people resemble each other, such observations are typically but baselessly attributed to inbreeding.

In truth, many of the children born in Occarin for several generations are the changeling offspring of a coven of green hags who lair in the edge of the Verduran Forest. These children are left with families in the village, who acknowledge the strangeness of their surrogacy but raise them as honest laborers.

Equally unusual is how few of these changelings hear the "call" of their hag mothers to return to the coven and become hags themselves; most live relatively normal mortal lives in Occarin. The hags call only the most promising changelings and leave the rest to live out their lives.1


Occarin's people are notably hospitable. Its only inn is well stocked and unusually comfortable, its well water is plentiful and freely given to travelers, and its stables are fairly priced, well stocked, and open to those staying at the inn.

Occarin's farms make it largely self-sufficient for food, and it also exports vegetables, sheep, and farm goods for sale in both Carpenden and Almas.1


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