Blackwood Swamp

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Blackwood Swamp surrounds the Taldan port of Cassomir on all landward sides. It is a murky, rotting, brackish marshland of tangled trees, dense overgrowth, quicksand, man-eating plants, menacing hydras, marauding humanoids, and other monsters.1


The swamp was once part of the primeval forest that covered the region. Cassomir was long ago cut from this swamp, and the city constructed an enormous moat to protect it from Blackwood's monsters. The road that travels through the swamp from the main gates of Cassomir is an elevated causeway constructed of wooden beams and thick stone piles.1


The Pathfinder Society has long claimed that the Blackwood Swamp is located atop the ruins of an ancient Azlanti city, but as of 4723 AR no expedition has yet located any ruins within the swamp. However, the murky land and dense vegetation could still conceal anything.12 The most recent expedition into the swamp has served as a field-work exercise for Pathfinder initiates.2


The swamp is always patrolled by the Taldan Phalanx, and most merchant wagon trains travel the swamp accompanied by guards.1 The swamp is also near the Tskikha enclave of iruxi, who are known to be welcoming to Pathfinder Society expeditions and offer to serve as guides.2


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