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The Wounded Lands

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The Wounded Lands
Nation The Worldwound
Titles Formerly the Northmounds
Alignment Chaotic evil
Government Anarchy
Languages Abyssal
Religions Baphomet, Deskari, Pazuzu, Shax, Sifkesh, Xoveron

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 22ff.

The Wounded Lands are the easternmost region of the Worldwound and the centre of the Abyssal corruption holding the very Worldwound itself at its heart. To the east of the Wounded Lands stands the bastion of Mendev, to the north are the Stonewilds, and to the west lie Frostmire and the Riftshadow.[1]

When the rift formed, it was a cleft about a mile long. As it grew it transformed this region, formerly known as the Northmounds, into a winding, nightmarish canyon a mile wide and several dozen miles long. The terrain of this canyon is full of chaotic landmasses and bubbling, primordial coagulation. The sky is full of poisonous fumes and lightning of all colors. Creatures of the Abyss are plentiful and strong in the area.[2]

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