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Accressiel court

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Accressiel court
Type Fey court (defunct)
Leader Gendowyn (former)
Headquarters Fangwood
Goals Protection of the Fangwood and its allies
Scope Local

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 3-4

The Accressiel court ruled over the fey denizens of the Fangwood from its founding by the glaistig Gendowyn in -3852 AR to the spread of the Darkblight in 4062 AR.[1]


The Southern Fangwood has had a history of connections with the First World since before recorded history, when elves settled the forest during the Age of Legend. Gendowyn formed the court and became its queen in -3852 AR, about 150 years after Kellid clans began claiming parts of the woods as their territory; within two years, the clans declared the forest forbidden after rumors of hauntings spread among the tribes.

In -3701 AR, Gendowyn established contact with one of the tribe's chieftains, named Ilba, and allied with the humans. This alliance would last for more than 6,000 years, until the march of the Whispering Tyrant brought ruin to the Fangwood's doorstep.

Gendowyn reluctantly decided to abandon the tribes just as they came under assault from the Whispering Tyrant's forces in 3203 AR, when the court retreated deep into the Fangwood and magically hid themselves from the Tyrant's forces.

Years after the Tyrant's imprisonment, and after the Rending shattered dwarven culture in the region, Gendowyn once again reached out to the material world beyond the Fangwood to establish an alliance with the Sky Citadel of Kraggodan.

However, this relationship would be cut short by the spread of the Darkblight at the hands of the corrupted dryad Arlantia in 4062 AR. The court fell in the face of the blight, and Arlantia imprisoned Gendowyn, leaving Kraggodan to erect stone monoliths in an attempt to contain the blight's spread.[1]