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Antarkos giant

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Antarkos giant
Type Humanoid
(aquatic, giant)

Source: Aquatic Adventures, pg(s). 5

Antarkos giants are an enigmatic species of giants inhabiting the Antarkos Ocean.[1]


Antarkos giants resemble ocean giants with navy blue, black or white skin. They stand over 30 feet tall.[1]


Antarkos giants are capable of viewing others' dreams and communicating through them. Powerful ones can manipulate dreams, and a rare few can even kill sleepers through dreams.[1]


Antarkos giants hunt large game with great longspears and trade excess food with surface dwellers like ice trolls. They are insular and are, for the most part, unwilling to speak to outsiders, except for a few, like the witch Oughram, who use their dream powers to dominate others.[1][2]