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Ocean giant
Honoke, an ocean giant.

(aquatic, giant)
Any oceans
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 127

Ocean giants are a race of sea-dwelling giants who exhibit a wide range of moral outlooks,12 with roughly half of the species being generally benevolent and the other half tyrants.3 The kindly ones help others both on sea and land, while the more malevolent ones enslave others and sink ships on a whim.4


Ocean giant skin ranges from deep blue to pale green, and their eyes and hair varies from foamy white to coral pink. Adult ocean giants stand approximately 22 feet tall and weigh about 15,000 pounds. Their clothing is woven from underwater plants or ship sails, and their jewellery is made from shells. Each ocean giant carries a hand-crafted horn made from a conch shell.1


Benevolent ocean giants see themselves as protectors of the sea, marine creatures, and seafarers. Malevolent ones build citadels from urchins and bones, claim domains measuring thousands of leagues, and enslave aquatic races and beasts. An ocean giant's horn is a culturally significant object, representing its family history and travels on the sea.1

Seafarers' experience of ocean giants is usually as toll chargers of the ocean, as these giants use their great power to demand money in exchange for safe passage of ships through their maritime domains. Refusal to pay evokes the wrath of the ocean giant made manifest through its power over nature.3

Ocean giants are rumored to exist in the seas of Golarion, but so far have only been discovered living in the city of Vialesk on the Plane of Water.5


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