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Elysian titan

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Elysian titan
An Elysian titan.
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, good)
CR 21
Environment Any (Elysium)
Images of Elysian titans

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 266

Elysian titans are the titans who sided with the gods against their thanatotic cousins and reside in Elysium.[1]


Elysian titans resemble titanic humanoids measuring 70 feet tall and weighing 20 tons.[1]


In ages past, as a group of titans grew jealous of their deific creators and began a crusade against mortal life. The Elysian titans turned against them, sacrificed some of their power to the gods, and convinced them to imprison the thanatotic titans to the Abyss. After the war, the Elysian titans retired to Elysium; some of them wandered across the planes, spawning gigas offspring, who would go on to be the ancestors of giants.[1][2][3]

Habitat and society

Elysian titans live in remote, opulent mountaintop homes or in floating palazzi, but often search for new wonders to enjoy in Elysium. They are generally beneficent individuals who collect interesting items and support the arts.[1][2][4]

Lone Elysian titans wander the planes, seeking enlightenment or exploring ancient places of power. Others can be found manipulating events, training aspiring heroes, counselling kings, marshalling armies against tyranny, and inspiring mortals to become legends.[1]