Elysian titan

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Elysian titan
An Elysian titan.

Elysian titans are the titans who sided with the deities against their thanatotic cousins and reside in Elysium.123


Elysian titans resemble titanic humanoids measuring 70 feet tall and weighing 20 tons.4[citation needed]


During the Age of Creation, the deities formed the titans from the raw substance of the planes to help them refine and develop the new, and still roughly formed, multiverse. For unknown reasons the titans rebelled against their progenitors and declared themselves the true lords of creation. The ensuing war destroyed entire planes, but in the end the deities emerged victorious and banished their rebellious children, the thanatotic titans, to the Outer Rifts.12 The Elysian titans, who had sought peace with the deities, were richly rewarded with realms of their own and free access to every corner of the Great Beyond.3

Habitat and society

Elysian titans live in remote, opulent mountaintop homes or in floating palazzi, but often search for new wonders to enjoy in Elysium. They are generally beneficent individuals who collect interesting items and support the arts.125

Lone Elysian titans wander the planes, seeking enlightenment or exploring ancient places of power. Others can be found manipulating events, training aspiring heroes, counselling kings, marshalling armies against tyranny, and inspiring mortals to become legends.4[citation needed]


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