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Chimney troll

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Source: Daughters of Fury, pg(s). 52

Chimney trolls are an urban-dwelling troll species that ironically feeds on fire, something normally anathema to other trolls.1


A chimney troll is a large, emaciated humanoid with pallid skin covered in filth and soot. Its beady black eyes glint with desperate hunger, and it can twist its limbs into impossible positions. Chimney trolls are nine feet tall and weigh 350 pounds.1


By some cruel twist of fate compared to other trolls, chimney trolls cannot heal their cursed wounds at all, unless it can consume the thing that other trolls loathe the most: fire. To fulfil this need, they skulk the rooftops of towns, hide in chimneys, and suck up the flames from the hearths of frightened folk. Their desperate reliance on fire has made them anathema to other trolls, who forced them to move from the wilds to cities.1

On Golarion

There are rumors that chimney trolls have been sighted in the cities of Ustalav.2


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