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Two-headed troll

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Two-headed troll

Two-headed trolls are a savage breed of troll known for its dual heads and minds. They are descended from ettins.1


A two-headed troll's most notable difference from other trolls is that it possesses two heads instead of one. Two-headed trolls also walk upright instead of adopting the hunched-over posture of other troll breeds, a holdover from their ettin ancestors.1


A two-headed troll's heads possess independent minds and personalities. Each head has control of the arm on its side, and the two share control of the legs. Two-headed trolls are carnivores, and enjoy eating creatures small enough to consume in one bite, which they refer to as "nibbles".1

In culture

The ravenous appetites of two-headed trolls have a fearsome reputation in the Inner Sea region. In particular, parents often invoke the creatures to cow misbehaving children, warning that if they do not obey instructions or do their chores a two-headed troll will come and devour them.1

Known two-headed trolls


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