Cliff giant

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Cliff giant

Temperate or warm deserts or plains
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 126

Cliff giants are a race of benevolent giants dwelling in cliffside caves or stone huts on top of mesas in deserts and badlands.1


Cliff giants are broad, with features as sharp as chiselled stone. They can reach a height of 14 feet and weigh over 1,300 pounds. Their skin is deep reddish brown, with quartz-like streaks that criss-cross in shades of ivory, dull yellow, or bright white.1


Cliff giants are solitary, preferring to isolate themselves from other humanoids to bond with nature. They often see large expanses of land and living things within as their responsibility. Many track climate, animal migrations, and monster lairs with paintings on cliff walls.1

Cliff giants mature at 20 years old and live up to 800 years old. Married cliff giants stay together for a decade, after which the child stays with one parent until grown up. Cliff giant couples living apart often communicate with each other with animal messengers monthly and tend to breed every century. Cliff giants respect their elders, and some adult giants live alongside an ailing parent or grandparent.1

On Golarion

A loose confederation of cliff giants is believed to inhabit the Shattered Range of eastern Garund.2


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