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Yoon, iconic human kineticist
Region Any, though some specializations are regionally limited[1]
Races Any
Iconic character Yoon
Images of kineticists

Source: Occult Adventures, pg(s). 10

Kineticists channel raw elemental power and matter of the Ethereal Plane and into their bodies, manifesting in strange effects known as kinesis.[2][3] Their powers often confuse others into believing they are monks or sorcerers.[4]

Becoming a kineticist

Kinesis is seldom inherited, and powers are often initially exhibited during great stress or trauma. Most must master their abilities on their own, as experienced kineticists are rare.[2] The form of kinesis is often linked to locations of great psychic or elemental power.[4]


Kineticists draw their power from the Elemental Plane, but this power takes the form of elemental matter or energy.[2]

Forms of kinesis

Most kineticists specialize in one of five elements: air (aerokinesis and aerokineticists), water (hydrokinesis and hydrokineticists), earth (geokinesis and geokineticists), fire (pyrokinesis and pyrokineticists), or aether (telekinesis and telekineticists).[2]

A hobgoblin chaokineticist.

Others specialize in regionally prominent elements, such as the void (chaokineticists, specific to Minkai) and wood (phytokineticists, in Tian Xia).[1] While venokineticists, especially found in Nagajor, use the elements to create poisons (venokinesis).[5] These powers are further shaped by the kineticist's wild talents.[6]

The most talented kineticists can transcend their specialization to manipulate any element, though the process inflicts greater strain than manipulating their preferred element. This is known as omnikinesis.[7]

Some kineticists can further specialize their art. For instance, hydrokinetics who specialize in manipulating the water in blood can devastate blood-bearing creatures[8] or become supernaturally talented surgeons.[9]

Wild talents

See also: Psychic magic

Kinesis manifests in many forms, but the most common are known as wild talents. Similar to psychic magic spells, wild talents are kinetic manifestations of the kineticist's innate abilities.[2] The most fundamental wild talents are blasts of elemental power, and kineticists can meld multiple elements into a blast.[6] Other wild talents can take protective forms or infuse their kinesis with more complex interactions. For instance, an experienced aerokineticist can form a simple gust of wind, but can also surround themselves with swirling winds or even create a violent cyclone.[6][10]


Kineticists can be found anywhere, but in the Inner Sea region outside of Jalmeray and larger cities, they are either rare or easily confused with other disciplines. However, kineticists are both more common and greatly respected in Tian Xia.[4]


There are no restrictions on the race of a kineticist.


There are no religious restrictions on kineticists.


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