Hallein Town

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Hallein Town
Nation Lastwall
Size Small town
Population 980

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 99-100

Hallein Town is a small Lastwall settlement located on the Path River downstream of Vigil.[1] Situated at the foot of a high tarn rising from the shores of Lake Hallensee, access to it by land is almost impossible. Hallein Town is the home of the workers for the salt mines in the Virlych hills of nearby Ustalav, and provides vital trade goods for the rest of the nation.[2]


In previous generations, salt was transported by mule along the river. This route was eventually abandoned because of Kaltia, a vile undead dwarf who returns to the nearby hills during the winter months to menace the salt-bearers. Despite being slain several times, Kaltia continues her haunts unabated.[3]