Arwyll Stead

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Arwyll Stead

Small town
655 humans, 16 dwarves, 4 dromaars, 6 other
Source: Daughters of Fury, pg(s). 50f.

Arwyll Stead is a mining town in the far north of Lastwall on the border with the dangerous orc territory of the Hold of Belkzen and close to the haunted county of Virlych in Ustalav.1 Residents of the town are commonly referred to as "Steaders".2

The town is located on the Path Road that leads from Vigil into Ustalav.3 It is named after the Arwylls, a famous family of knights who have fought the orcs for generations.4


The Arwyll crest is russet and silver depicting a stubborn badger holding its ground, and this imagery finds its way onto official elements associated with the town.5


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