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Vaishau Ruin

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The Vaishau Ruin is the grey, scorched remains of an old fortress located in the foothills of the Hungry Mountains of Lastwall, just a stone's throw from the Ustalavic county of Virlych. The ruin stands on the banks of the Mesmos River, which has cut the main pass through the mountains, and connects Vigil with Gallowspire.[1][2]


The Vaishau Ruin was once a stone fortress run by the army of the Whispering Tyrant. In 3824 AR, three years before the final defeat of the lich-king, the forces of the then mortal General Iomedae conquered the fortress and razed it. They added further protections to the ruin to avoid resettlement by the forces of evil by seeding it with powdered silver and cold iron. Unfortunately, their victory and the precautions administered to the Vaishau Ruin do not prevent a regular return of evil creatures and undead to the site that continues to this day; whether the evil is drawn from outside or spawns from within is unknown. This respawning necessitates regular patrols from Vigil to the ruin every few months to combat and destroy the threat before it regains any significant power.[3]