River Esk

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The River Esk (sometimes referred to as the Esk River) is a tributary, with the Kestrel River, of the Path River. It begins in the north-easternmost Mindspin Mountains of the Hold of Belkzen and flows generally eastward past the seasonal Flood Road, through the Ghostlight Marsh, and from there into the nation of Lastwall where it joins with the Kestrel.1

The Varisian caravan route known as the Sklarkari follows the Esk from the Mindspin Mountains to the city of Vigil to the east.2


The banks of the Esk were used as part of the defensive line created by the Lastwall General Harchist against the orc forces of the north; it eventually fell in 4237 AR.3 In the 46th century AR, an unknown orc warlord repurposed debris from the scuttled Fort Morrine and Rake Island Bridge to form a fording dam across the Esk near Rake Island.4