Three Pines Ford

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Three Pines Ford
Nation Lastwall
Size Small town
Population 1,440

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 98

Three Pines Ford is a sizable town nestled on the Tourondel River of Lastwall, east of the forest of Fangwood, and directly on its border with Nirmathas. It serves as a meeting-place for Lastwall officials and fresh recruits from Nirmathas. Heroes of Nirmathas use Three Pines Ford as a hiding place from agents of Molthune, due to the town's close proximity to the Nirmathi border.[1]


The name of the town is said to derive from three dryads' trees. Although the fey sisters have remained unseen for a century, the townsfolk believe the legend is true and forbid anyone from harming those trees in any way.[1]