Hammer Rock

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Located in the Gravelands, the fortress of Hammer Rock was largely destroyed by Tar-Baphon's superweapon known as the Radiant Fire in 4719 AR.[1] The foundation was a dwarven structure, unfinished and abandoned for unknown reasons centuries before humanity moved into the region. The humans discovered the inscription "Hammer Rock" on the cornerstones and, after constructing a fort that took advantage of the dwarven foundation, named the fortification the same. Despite its whitewashed exterior, the fort looks squat and gloomy. However, being placed on a hill, the soldiers here overlook the Path River and enjoy a clear view into Ustalav's Hungry Mountains. Abundant small game animals and a grove of fruit-bearing trees make the location even more ideal. The ground occasionally makes loud cracking sounds, and there is little doubt that undiscovered dwarven tunnels run below the site.[2]

Recent history

It has recently been reported that moroi vampires may have taken up residence in the caves south of Hammer Rock.[3]


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