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Small town
Elected mayor
Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 11-12

Kerad is a small peasant community on the Rimeflow River in Irrisen's Bleakmarch province. It has little to recommend it, and is often referred to as "Poor Little Kerad" by locals.1

Between the sprawling Morozny to the east and the Zelen to the west, Kerad has little to offer to the merchants and travelers of the Rimeflow River. A simple inn and a small drinking house are its only attractions. No Jadwiga has been sent to govern the Poor Little Kerad and the townsfolk, mostly fur trappers and fishermen, are happy for this. Kerad's trappers sail down the river to sell their goods in Zelen. The town elects its mayor every ten years and the current mayor is Anichka Labacova.1

Anichka and a number of the townsfolk are in fact members of the underground resistance organization called Heralds of Summer's Return and meetings of the Heralds are not uncommon in Kerad. A carefully hidden shrine of Desna is tended by the priest Dusana Rivanov. Fugitives from the White Witches or other arms of Irrisen's law often find shelter in Kerad.1