Haeringar's Keep

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Haeringar's Keep is the massive fortress of Haeringar the Everlasting. It is located in the Irriseni province of Feyfrost just south of the edge of the Winterwall Glacier. The fortress has enormous walls and 18 ice-encrusted stone towers which are patrolled by ice elementals. Haeringar's Keep was built there long before Baba Yaga's Winter War. Haeringar is an ancient fiendish frost giant oracle who is revered by the frost giants of Irrisen and Winterwall Glacier. Even the great Jarl Grungginnir of Holvirgang presents himself to him for counsel and blessings. Haeringar eats human flesh and is attended by a harem of ogresses. The gates of the fortress are always open but all the past adventurers, who have entered the keep trying to steal Haeringar's vast treasure, have failed.1