Frost Giant's Fist

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Frost Giant's Fist is a huge fortress made of bone and granite that perches atop the southern edge of the Winterwall Glacier in the Bleakmarch province of Irrisen. It is the prison-fortress of the prideful frost giant Jarl Ceszac, who marched alongside Baba Yaga and commanded a legion of frost giants and young white dragons during the Winter War.1


After the end of the war in 3313 AR,2 Ceszac became dissatisfied with his station and rewards, and complained loudly that he should be the first among Baba Yaga's allies. She grew weary of his complaints and presented him with the Frost Giant's Fist as a gift. The fortress even contained a throne built of solid gold in its royal hall, but the jarl still complained. Frustrated, the Witch-Mother cursed the giant, saying he would live forever in his new keep. The jarl has been trapped in the keep ever since, guarding his hoard and venting his undying rage on any who try to steal his gold.1

Treasures of the Fist

Jarl Ceszac's treasure hoard is extensive, and contains a silver saucer that grants eternal life to those who drink a properly prepared concoction from it. It is said that Baba Yaga used the magic of the saucer to transform Ceszac into the undead creature he is today.1


Icy undead creatures, unquiet ghosts and shadows wander the cold stony corridors of the fortress as well. Reports also claim that the jarl transformed one of his white dragons to a ravener, and that the terrible beast still circles above Frost Giant's Fist.1