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What passes for justice in the islands of the Shackles is often twisted and cruel, and the Locker is a prison well suited to such rough justice. In a pirate nation like the Shackles, the law is often little more than mob justice but some minor crimes and the most heinous of mutineers instead earn a ticket to the Locker. A low stone building that juts out over the water, the Locker is encrusted with lichen, birds' nests, and shellfish built up over generations. Sitting opposite the execution site of Dead Man's Dance Hall, the entrance to the Locker is guarded by a single watchtower and its uppers levels consist of large cells used for minor criminals who are often condemned to slavery. The lower levels, known as the Tidal Cells are the stuff of nightmares. Built beneath the waterline the cells flood with every high tide, with the water all but filling the narrow cells. Xue Bonebleeder, the gaoler of the Locker, takes a sadistic delight in chumming the water below the Tidal Cells as the vicious sea-life of the Arcadian Ocean has easy access to the cells during high tide.1


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