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Stella Fane

Source: Lost Omens Character Guide, pg(s). 119

Stella Fane is the privateer captain of the Risen Albatross, a member of the Free Captains of the Shackles, and a venture-captain of the Pathfinder Society; her ship serves as a Pathfinder lodge, and she claims any vessel (including Pathfinder ships) that fly her flag as part of her fleet.1


Fane is a slender, light-skinned human woman with waist-length straight white hair. She dresses the part of a pirate with a long red overcoat that she wears as a cape, feathered tricorner hat, and an array of swords and daggers.2


Fane has crossed paths with Venture-Captain Calisro Benarry in the past, and has connections to the Firebrands and Pirate Council. Benarry dispatched a crew of junior Pathfinder agents to help Fane covertly sign a contract of mutual assistance with the Society in 4719 AR, which helped the Society secure passage to aid the pirate-besieged fledgling nation of Vidrian.3


Fane's crew sold her out in mutiny to a Chelaxian slavery ring, and few know how (or if) she survived. She wages a vendetta against Cheliax and their affiliated slavers from her new ship, the Risen Albatross.4

She has a reputation as a hard drinker, particularly of rum, and enjoys games of High Tide, darts, and gambling.2 She is also notorious for her rowdy and extravagant nights out on the mainland town of Port Peril.5


Her coat is a cape of the mountebank.6


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