Xue Bonebleeder

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Xue Bonebleeder
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Half-orc
Class Fighter 5
Gender Female
Homeland Port Peril, The Shackles

Source: Tempest Rising, pg(s). 62

Xue Bonebleeder serves as the jailer in Port Peril's dreaded prison of the Locker. Justice in the pirate city of Port Peril is a twisted and vengeful thing, most times violent mob justice is sufficient but for truly heinous crimes like insurrection and mutiny and daring to disobey the Hurricane King, the punishment is the Locker. Xue delights in condemning these unruly citizens to the dreaded Tidal Cells which sit below the waterline and flood every high tide, forcing the inmates to struggle to stay above the waterline or drown. Xue also revels in chumming the water at high tide, encouraging the flesh-hungry aquatic inhabitants of the Arcadian Ocean to enter the Tidal Cells and feast on the inmates.[1]