F & M's Exotic Meats

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F & M's Exotic Meats, located in the Low Eastwind district, serves as a unique butcher's shop for the pirate capital of Port Peril. F & M's Exotic Meats is run by an odd pair, Mizrah, a half elven cleric of the goddess of invention Brigh and Festerscale, a kobold. With their unique magical storerooms that keep the meat cool, they are able to provide fresh meat to the people of Port Peril despite the tropical heat. They provide meat for a range of customers from expensive prime beef and outrageous exotic meats all the way down to basic sausages. What fewer people know is the F & M's Exotic Meats also does a side trade in getting rid of unwanted corpses, normally by making them surreptitiously into one of their other client's meal.1


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