Sea Wrack Chapel

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The Sea Wrack Chapel is a small temple dedicated to Gozreh that serves the pirate city of Port Peril. Like many seaside settlements Port Peril has a small shrine dedicated to Gozreh for pious sailors to make offerings to the Lord of Waves. No larger or more impressive than the shrine of a typical fishing village, Sea Wrack Chapel is made from driftwood and discarded fishing nets but is still large enough to provide shelter to those seeking Gozreh's guidance. The Sea Wrack Chapel is tended to by Father Ignalus, a halfling priest who accepts Gozreh worshippers of any creed including in the form of Shimye-Magalla, a dualistic deity worshipped in the Mwangi Expanse. Father Ignalus is also a meticulous record keeper and has kept track of every single shipwreck that has occurred in the vicinity of Port Peril.1


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