Sunken Plaza

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The Sunken Plaza is a marketplace within the caverns of the Knotworks district of Port Peril: a veritable maze of ladders, stairs, and unusual shops that occupies an entire cavern. The Sunken Plaza is home to the most diverse and affordable shopping in all Port Peril. While the rich frequent the Merchant Marina, those after rarer items come here, where anything from Mwangi fetishes to Nidalese poisons are available. The Sunken Plaza is also home to a menagerie of exotic beasts as well as an assortment of ruthless cut-throats looking to separate careless buyers from their coins. Built atop the ruined layers of an ancient civilisation, artefacts from this mausoleum are often found by the Sunken Plaza's inhabitants but rumour has it entire untouched homes remain waiting to be explored. While these artefacts are of interest to the scholars of the Mystic's Redoubt, the ruins have attracted the interest of the Pathfinder Society and it is said that the Hurricane King is waiting on an offer from the Decemvirate to allow the society exclusive exploration rights.1