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A treant
Type Plant
CR 8
Environment Any forest
Alignment Neutral good
Images of treants

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 266

Treants are plant creatures that resemble animated trees and who serve as the parents and shepherds of the trees of Golarion, protecting their charges from the intrusions of the smaller races.[1]


Treants are animated, vaguely humanoid trees that most closely resemble the species of tree commonly found in their environment. They typically grow to stand over 30 feet in height with trunks over two feet in diameter, and weigh upwards of 4,500 pounds.[1]

Special abilities

Treants have the ability to imbue normal trees with a semblance of life, allowing them to uproot themselves, move about, and fight in the forest's defense. A normal treant can control only two such trees at a time, and the trees she animates immediately return to their natural state if they move outside the treant's range of control, or the controlling treant becomes incapacitated or dies. Treants also have the ability to cause great damage to objects or other inanimate structures, a trait that is handy when they must destroy buildings that encroach upon their forests. Although they prefer to communicate in their own slow, long-winded language, they generally can also speak Sylvan, Common, and can also communicate with any intelligent plant creature.[1]


Treants are the guardians and protectors of Golarion's woodlands, and while slow and plodding in their everyday lives, are fierce and devastating when their charges are threatened. They distrust most of the smaller, shorter-lived races, but have been known to occasionally be of help to those looking to protect the wilds. Most treants live solitary lives, only coming together occasionally in groups known as groves to socialize and reproduce. Treants will very rarely call a grand gathering or moot in times of great danger to the forests they guard. These conferences will last for months or even years, and millennia will often pass between them.[1] One such moot is believed to be taking place at the Century Root in Kyonin's Fierani Forest.[2]


Treants of the Verduran Forest brew a special beverage known as nodrim from fermented apples, wood chips, and clean water. Drinking an excess of the brew causes them to become intoxicated.[3]


Treants are grown from a single green acorn, roughly the size of a human head. If planted, the seed will grow into a young treant after 5 years of careful tending.[4] Unlike many plant species, treants are not asexual.[1]

On Golarion

Treants can presumable be found in the larger forests throughout Golarion, although the jungles of Garund are home to a related species known as the tobongo (see below).[5] Treants are known to be most prevalent in the Fierani Forest of Kyonin (where they are simply referred to as the Fierani),[2][6] the Fangwood Forest of Nirmathas,[7] and the enormous Verduran Forest of central Avistan.[8][3] The forests on the Isle of Terror in Lake Encarthan are home to a thoroughly evil species of treant warped by prolonged exposure the the foul energies of the Negative Energy Plane.[9]

The frost firs are speculated by some scholars to be descended from treants that preferred evergreens and colder climates, although if so there is very little affection between the two species of sapient plants left in the present day.[10]


The Mwangi Expanse is home to a variant treant known as a tobongo. They are able to inflict a curse that slowly turns its victim into a tree.[11] The hunched tobongo treant Dimari-Diji is possibly Golarion's oldest living creature.[5]