Oppara Constabulary

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Oppara Constabulary
Type Police
Headquarters White Hall, Oppara, Taldor
Goals Keeping Oppara safe
Scope Local

Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 20

The Oppara Constabulary keeps the capital city of Taldor safe, by patrolling most of Oppara's streets day and night and using a number of stations throughout the city. It is especially tough towards the unbearded. The headquarters of Oppara's Constabulary are located in the White Hall in Grandbridge district. The constables are trained in the Lion Academy and Crown Circle schools. Oppara's Constabulary was unable to stop the crime waves in Westport at night, and for this reason the special force of Porthmos Militia was established there by Harbormaster Hallador.[1]


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