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Titles Empire of Shu
Government Monarchy
Languages Tien

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 46

The Empire of Shu was the largest empire ever known in Tian Xia but also one of the shortest lived, and its fall led to a century of chaos.[1] The Shu empire was founded in 3101 AR, 25 years after the fall of Imperial Yixing in 3076 AR,[2] and the Shu are credited with saving civilisation across the continent. In fact, the imperial family of Shu was so beloved that an entire people took their name, the Tian-Shu, still using that name to this day.[1] Unfortunately, it was not to last and after a mere thousand years, a fifth of the length of time Yixing stood for, Shu collapsed in 4036 AR.[2]